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Maybe you need help finding an answer to your question. Or perhaps you would just like to get in touch with representative.

Please refer to these online resources. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are specifically designed to answer some of the most common questions that clients have. Our Contact page provides email address for ABC Design Studio professional representatives.

Most Popular Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is the difference between an "established website" a "new website" and a "featured website"?
    Our websites can be classified into three categories:

    1. New websites are niche websites that reflect the latest website trends and are generally less than 3 months old. These websites are great business startups offered at the lowest possible price.

    2. Established websites have been made live to the server for a period greater than 3 months/and or they are already demonstrating successful indexing in the search engines.

    3. Featured websites are similar to Established websites in that they have been published to the server for an extended period of time, but the Featured websites have proved success above and beyond the Established websites.

You say you offer FREE hosting for a year with the purchase of one of your websites. What does "hosting" mean?
    When you purchase any Turnkey Website from us you will get hosting for your website FREE for 1 full year. Anyone who owns a website will need a place to "host" their website files on. When website files are "hosted on a server, the website becomes "live" so that the website can be viewed by others who access the world wide web.

Can I host my other websites with you?
    Yes! The hosting service we offer allows you to host a total of 25 domain names under one hosting account. The number of actual websites that you can host under one account has to do with how large your website files are that you upload to the host. You cam fit more websites onto one server if your website files are small as compared to uploading large webstie files to the server.

What type of Marketing and Advertising services do you offer?
    We offer free marketing and advertising information and tools directly on our website. The marketing portion of our website provides strategies and suggestions to help you get a jumpstart with your online business and drive more traffic to your website. Click here for more information.

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Contact Us

Our Contact page provides a useful, easy-to use form that you can use to get in touch with our various department specialists. It is uniquely designed to save you time and speed up our help process so that your need is responded to as quickly as possible.

If you need to speak directly with a Sales or Information representative, please use these email addresses:

Please use for all questions relating to recent, past, or future purchases of Established, New, Featured websites and Downloads

Please use for all inquiries regarding GENERAL company information. Vendors - please use this email; email messages from vendors sent via any other channel may not be received.

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LiveChat Website

We have teamed up with a live web answering partner to provide immediate live customer service support for our clients. If you have any questions or concerns, you can initiate an online chat with a friendly representative just by clicking the Live Help button at the upper left hand of each page on our site.

When a professional is ready to assist you, the button will have the word "AVAILABLE". In the infrequent chance that they are unavailable, the word "UNAVAILABLE" will be clearly indicated on the button.

If you have a question now that you would like help with, please click the Live Help button below to initiate a conversation with an online representatives.


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