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Testimonials - What Our Clients Have To Say

"The service here is very helpful and had my business site up and running and making money within the first week."

Testimonial Submitted by Levar - 10 April 2018
Website Business Owner of NationalTaxes.net and BallahLoans.com
5 Star Rating!


"I'm impressed with your support & assistance in growing this into a successful business."

Testimonial Submitted by Robertt Wilson - 6 February 2018
Website Business Owner of Formulas4Forex.com
5 Star Rating!


"Thank you for all your help and service, it's been first class."

Testimonial Submitted by Tom Bennett - 1 October 2017
Website Business Owner of BeautiesBrilliance.co.uk
5 Star Rating!


"On deciding that I wanted to try a turnkey done-for-you affiliate marketing site, I scoured the market and researched the bulk of the turnkey site providers. ABC Design Studio was a clear standout in this field. Kendra and the team at ABC Design Studio did a great job with my site. But it's not just about the site; it's about the post-purchase service. Importantly, Kendra and team were always on hand to answer questions and to make suggestions. I would have no hesitation in recommending ABC Design Studio to anyone looking at a turnkey affiliate marketing site."

Testimonial Submitted by Bernard - 14 April 2017
Website Business Owner of ChooseAnEbook.com
5 Star Rating!


"Thank you so much Kendra for all your hard work on my behalf. I really appreciate your patience to help me navigate this new venture. I'm so glad that I found you. ABC Design Studio is the best!"

Testimonial Submitted by Mihretw Worku - 28 March 2017
Website Business Owner of NewBabyAndMom.com
5 Star Rating!


"Your level of service and quality of service is excellent and amazing."

Testimonial Submitted by Cathy Brenner - 14 March 2017
Website Business Owner of NaturalIntents.com


"Me and my partner would like to thank you and your team for giving us the opportunity to finally do something for ourselves! Thank you very much for making this possible! This is regarding everything! Questions answered promptly, pleasantly. The whole process! 48 hours ago, I was looking at anything and everything in and around the house for Ideas, inspiration, motivation etc. Now I own my own website!! WOW!!"

Testimonial Submitted by Fiale Simeki - 23 July 2015
Website Business Owner of ToysPlus.com


"I want to say I really appreciate all of your kind help in giving me this opportunity to get my website up and running to start making money with the investment that I have purchased from your company. Again I want to say you and your company are the best ever!!!!!!!!!!! I will always recommend your company to all of my friends and anyone who asks me for websites for sale."

Testimonial Submitted by Ray DeLine
Website Business Owner and loyal client since 26 February 2015

"ABC is absolutely THE BEST turnkey site out there! Thanks so much for all your professional help future, past, and present.=) Your team is most certainly writing the books on turn key web site development and support! Kudos to you all once again from a very satisfied customer."

Testimonial Submitted by Chad Hastings
Owner of FindOnlinePsychics.com
Website Business Owner and loyal client since 11 November 2014


"Thank you for my SEO campaign, and the entire ABC team for your outstanding work and great customer service that is second to none!"

Testimonial Submitted by Andre Taylor - 16 March 2014
Website Business Owner of AdvantageCashLending.com and PrideAndPets.com


"Thank you for your help and support. You are always a pleasure to work with and you have an outstanding staff."

Testimonial Submitted by Mary Alice - 15 March 2014
Website Business Owner of MortgagesMadeEasy.co


"I want to thank you all; Rainer, Kendra, and Marita for being on time with all deadlines you say an item will be complete and your quickness to respond to any emails I send (because I know I've sent a lot since purchasing my website end of January). I've been highly impressed and satisfied with the quality of work and customer service your company has to offer. It is rare to come across such a passionate company that is dedicated to their customers. I can see why you have an A+ rating by the BBB. You all have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing to work with ABC Design Studio in the future. Thank you!"

Testimonial Submitted by Lindsey Kovach - 11 March 2014
Website Business Owner of WomanRealm.com


"I am extremely impressed with the great team at ABC Design Studio. They have been a pleasure to work with. The attention to detail and professionalism has been very comforting. I would highly recommend ABC to whoever is looking to get into the online business world. Thanks for all the hard work and look forward to a long and profitable relationship between our two outstanding organizations!"

Testimonial Submitted by Jeff C.
Website Business Owner and loyal client since 1 September 2013


"I was interested in starting an online business and I had looked at different places to purchase websites. I went with ABC Design Studio because of their high quality websites and they had such a quick response time to my emails. Kendra was so helpful with the pre-sales questions in assisting me when choosing a certain category. My husband who will be joining me in this online venture was so impressed at the overall services levels provided by ABC Design. I would not hesitate to buy another site from them. They are truly what a professional company is all about."

Testimonial Submitted by Joanne W. - 26 August 2013
Website Business Owner of www.EnlightenEbooks.com and www.ArtistBins.com


"I cannot say enough about ABC Design Studio - professional, knowledgeable and dependable. The websites your company produces are exceptional and your marketing tools first class. Thank you for all your help and hard work."

Testimonial Submitted by Roger Stevens
Website Business Owner and loyal client since 13 October 2012


"I got my site from ABC Design Studio LLC, and within a week it was already showing profits. And that was even before my site had been submitted to search engines! The design on my site is great, navigation is very easy, and response rate is very good. Support that they provide is excellent, no email is left unanswered no matter how small the question is. I been a real pain in a neck, and they handled all my questions with professional attitude and a timely manner and resolved all my problems on the spot. They really stay behind their products, I cant wait to buy another site :). I wish them well and many many successful years in business."

Testimonial Submitted by Diana Svitchar - 21 August 2012
Website Business Owner of  ShoppeEase.com


"If you want to work with a company that is dependable, knowledgeable, and do what they say-ABC Design Studio is exactly that. The turnkey websites they produce are exceptional and their marketing tools are excellent. They teach you exactly how to generate your business and get that extra money that will allow you to take back your freedom to be your own boss! They are always there to answer your questions no matter how crazy they might be. They always make you feel that you are an important client- no matter how much you know, or how much you don’t know.  ABC Design Studio and their staff are first class and meet your expectations every time with integrity and service."

Testimonial Submitted by Kathy Richey, M.Ed., NCSC - 4 October 2011
Website Business Owner of ModernDayCounseling.com; HandbagsConnect.com; and Prepare4Disasters.com


"I want to thank you for all your help & hard work. I cant say enough how much I appreciate everything you're doing for me. I'm so very thankful to find such a wonderful company to help me put up my very 1st website."

Testimonial Submitted by Ebony Harris
Website Business Owner and loyal client since 27 September 2011


"It's only been 4 days since I bought my website and I am already making money! $$$"

Testimonial Submitted by George Lategola
Website Business Owner and loyal client since 26 May 2011


"The idea of owning my site never really hit me until recently.  So I got in contact with ABC Design Studio and spoke to an employee there and decided to purchase one of their sites.  Since day one, customer service has been the best of the best and nothing short of amazingly fast as far as help goes.  They are very kind, genuine and down to heart and most importantly they care.  I would highly recommend this to anyone even someone who rarely uses a PC.  Once again thank you very much guys."

Testimonial Submitted by Ajesh
Website Business Owner and loyal client since 11 February 2011


"I thank God for putting me in your hands! Soon I will be interested in buying another website from ABC Design Studio. Thank you so much!"

Testimonial Submitted by Victor Aleman
Website Business Owner and loyal client since 30 March 2010


"Thank you! Your customer service definitely goes above and beyond."

Testimonial Submitted by Jim Smashey
Website Business Owner and loyal client since 13 March 2010


"Our website has been a journey that we could not have made without the assistance and guidance that we received and continue to receive from ABC Design Studio.

Setting out as novices in the website industry, we never anticipated many of the pitfalls and problems we would experience - but the ABC Design Studio team always on hand with their professional approach and expertise, we were able to navigate our way to building a user friendly, successful website.

We would like to thank ABC Design Studio for all their hard work and effort they put in to assisting us with our website business and wish them every success for the future - we would certainly recommend them to any prospective clients."

Testimonial Submitted by Galen and Stephen
Website Business Owner and loyal client since 8 January 2010


"I have to tell you...you guys are on the ball. I purchased another website from one of your competitors and now I wish it had been through ABC Design Studio. Even a novice like me can do this with the way you have made this so user friendly. I am so excited! Thank You!"

Testimonial Submitted by Terri Smith
Website Business Owner and loyal client since 11 May 2009


"I am so excited about all the traffic your marketing has done for my websites. I have told all my colleagues about my success with the tremendous surge in traffic for nancytodd.com and thehaydenscholarship.org. I could never have done this without you!  

Testimonial Submitted by Nancy Todd
American Association of Political Consultants
2008 Women's Poker Ladies Championship winner
Website Business Owner and loyal client since 7 January 2005


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